Terms of Use

The Audience Add-Ons® Sound Library, and the sounds it contains, is intended to be synchronized and used as part of any kind of original audio and/or visual production or application.

The license to use the Audience Add-Ons® Sound Library and the sounds it contains is a lifetime, non-transferable, and worldwide license for synchronization rights, granted to a single user only. Neither the license nor the sounds may be transferred to a third party.

Reproducing or duplicating this collection, either in the form in which it is compiled or by any means of reformatting, mixing, filtering, re-synthesizing, processing, or otherwise editing for use in another product or for resale, is strictly prohibited without an express written consent of the Author.

All unauthorized copying, giving, trading, lending, renting, reissuing, redistributing or reselling of the Audience Add-Ons® Sound Library, or any of the sounds it contains, is expressly prohibited.

All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

This Audience Add-Ons® Sound Library is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty, and with no claim as to its suitability for any purpose.

Update Plan

Our Sound Library continues to grow, and, hence, the content of Bundles and Collections is expanded on a regular basis. Naturally, as our valued Customer, you wish to acquire subsequent volumes at a good price. With the purchase of an annual Update Plan, you will be entitled to upload the latest and enhanced versions of Bundles and/or Collections.

This is how the Update Plan works.

Corporation X provides postproduction to TV shows using our Libraries, and to this end it has purchased our Comedy Live! Bundle. A few months pass and a newly produced library is added to the bundle. Naturally, the library is also available for stand-alone purchase. Corporation X wishes to have updated boundle.

Scenario A:

Corporation X purchased Comedy Live Bundle! at EUR 249.00. It now purchases a new library at EUR 99.00. The total cost is EUR 348.00.

Scenario B:

Corporation X purchased Comedy Live Bundle! at EUR 249.00 plus 1 Year Update Plan at EUR 49.00. Once a new library appears, Corporation X downloads the appended version of the bundle. The total cost is EUR 298.00. Corporation X saves EUR 50.00!

Our Update Plan entitles you to download the current version of bundles and/or collections purchased several times during a period of one year from the date of the original purchase. Where some changes or additions are made to the bundles and/or collections purchased, you will always be able to download the latest version of the files during the validity of the Update Plan or until you have exhausted the number of downloads stipulated in the agreement.

Customized Offer

We continue to expand our sound effect resources, and we will be working on new volumes in our library. However, if you require custom or modified versions of sound effects at our disposal, feel free to contact us. We shall promptly get back to you and make the necessary arrangements to meet your specification. Preparing customized effects or a library of your choice may take a while, since it requires sound editing and mixing, depending on your needs. Therefore, while forwarding your inquiry, be reasonable in specifying the time of executing your order.Once you approve of the demo version and the final payment is effected, you will be able to download the material from our audio server via FTP.